Anti-Corrosion Paint

When metallic materials are put into corrosive environments, they tend to have chemical reactions with the air and/or water. The effects of corrosion become evident on the surfaces of these materials. Metal equipment lacking any preventive (anti-corrosive) measures may become rusted both inside and outside, depending on atmospheric conditions and how much of that equipment is exposed to the air. Anti-corrosion measures are of particular importance in environments where high humidity, mist, and salt are factors. There are a number of methods for preventing corrosion which the most effective one is painting treatments on the surface. In this method, anti-corrosive paint acts as a barrier that inhibits contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials with the metal housing.

This product is particularly used for covering various surfaces in industrial and indoor applications. It is known as alkyd paint containing graphene oxide nano-sheets. It also shows some impurities in its structure which are pure graphene, graphite, and amorphous carbon. The results of the cross-cut test indicate that adding graphene oxide has no negative influence on the adhesion of alkyd coating and its wet adhesion improves compatibly with ASTM D1654-16 standard test method. In addition, it shows corrosion resistance enhancement by adding graphene oxide compatible with ASTM B117 standard test method.